Sunday night at 7 o’clock on HLBC Facebook page we will be having a communion service as a LIVE event.

Graeme will be streaming a communion service from the manse. Gather with us, with your Bible and with bread and communion wine (grape juice), to celebrate the Lord’s Supper in a non-contact but engaging half hour of chit chat, Bible reading, and communion.

Can’t see the video? Click here instead.


At 7pm this Sunday, light a candle in the window of your home as a visible symbol of the Light of Life, Jesus Christ, our source and hope in prayer. We have the great privilege and freedom to be able to call upon God, wherever we are, individually and corporately, for healing in our country.

We would pray for all in leadership at this time, making decisions about the containment of the Covid-19 virus, for those working in health and social care, and especially for the most vulnerable, whether elderly or those with underlying health conditions. There are already stories being told of wonderful acts of kindness across neighbourhoods. Alongside your prayers, take the opportunity to telephone or email someone who is isolated in the church. We may not be able to touch physically but we can make connections in so many otherways.