Christian meditation group

“Be still and know that I am God.”

The Christian Meditation Group meets fortnightly from 7.30pm-8.45pm on a Monday evening. When we resume in September the meetings will no longer be in the Green Room, but in Graeme’s office. People from HLBC come, as do others from local churches. We are part of a network of groups meeting under the umbrella of The World Community for Christian Meditation, which provides resources and arranges workshops and retreats.

A Benedictine Monk called John Main opened the first Christian Meditation Centre in London in 1975. His aim was to recover the tradition of silent, contemplative prayer from the teachings of the early Christian fathers and mothers. Early Christians called meditation ‘pure prayer’, coming to stillness of spirit and body through, and being in, the presence of God. His work was continued after his death by Father Laurence Freeman.

Our meetings open with a recording by Father Laurence or other meditator, followed by 25 minutes of silent meditation. We finish with a short time of reflection together, around 8.30pm.

If you feel drawn to this kind of contemplative prayer and would value the support of a group to share your pilgrimage, please do join us.

Meetings this Autumn

September  2, 16 & 30

October       14 & 28

November   11 & 25





Sunday 24 November,  10:00am

Sunday Worship

Sunday 1 December,  10:00am

Sunday Worship

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