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Opening of God’s Garage Pennines

Tuesday 24 September, 11:37am

On saturday, after months of hard work from Graeme and his fellow God Squad members, God’s Garage Pennines will be opening for visitors to have a look round. They welcome God Squad President and Founder John Smith to Dewsbury from Australia.

God’s Garage Pennines is an emerging church community on the margins, where all are welcome. It began in January 2013 and was founded by team leader Graeme. It is an emerging church plant based in an old warehouse in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. All who are part of the community are committed to exploring and learning about Jesus together, building friendships and community.

“We come from a variety of backgrounds. The most important thing about God’s Garage Pennines are people. People come in all shapes and sizes, with different experiences of life, and with baggage that life has loaded them with. Every person has gifts, skills, talents, abilities, personality, character and most of all, value. When you look at the gospels you find Jesus sharing life and space with people. People really matter. If the traditional model of church is not your thing then God’s Garage Pennines might be for you.”

You can read all about the development of the new Dewsbury chapter on Graeme’s blog here.

Find out more about God’s Garage Pennines on the Facebook page or contact them directly.

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**Please note that all church activities, groups and meetings have now been cancelled until further notice in response to the Coronavirus outbreak**

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