In the first week of November we were delighted to open our new side entrance! This was the completion of Phase One of our buildings development project.

We started looking into ways we could improve the use of our buildings about ten years ago. The focus was guided particularly to our building entrances, and, after a few years of exploring, praying and wondering if we could afford it, we were ready to take the plunge. We also had a survey done on our buildings, and decided to combine the development work with some extensive and important maintenance and repair jobs.

Phase one has incorporated the re-landscaping of the hall-side entrance – our ‘community’ entrance – complete with new doors, re-uphostering of our old set of meeting chairs, and lots of pointing, masonry and roof repairs. Most of this was paid for out of our church finances – we had agreed as a church to make this investment. Our finances are very limited but it was felt that this work to improve the part of the building most used by community groups should be our priority. We also raised £5,000 in grants and received some direct gifts from congregation members.

So we gathered on Sunday 4th November around our shiney new side entrance. We sang the hymn ‘All people that on earth do dwell’ (which turned out to be the hymn that had been sung first when the church was originally opened in 1929) and said some words of blessing and dedication. A ribbon across the doorway was cut by representatives from the adult congregation and Sunday School, Emily and Shown, and then we all flooded in for tea and coffee!

And now it’s January 2013, and we are off again with Phase Two, the big one! Phase Two includes replacing the old boiler and a complete overhaul of the heating system, improving our front church entrance, refurbishing the kitchen and some smaller landscaping work. We definitely don’t have the money to do this so we are preparing for lots of grant applications and a serious programme of fundraising. It’s definitely going to be a lot of work, but we feel like God has a hand on this project, and that it is part of our journey together as a church family – God’s people, building God’s kingdom in this community.

If you are interested in what we’re doing and want to know more, or would like to make a donation to the project, please get in touch with us – email, call the office or drop by.