Pray for Leeds

Friday 17 November, 7:00pm

Friday 17 – Saturday 18th November, 7pm to 7pm

24 hours of prayer for Leeds at Gateway Church (St Mark’s Church, St Mark’s Road, LS2 9AF) organised by Pray for Leeds.

Pray for Leeds believe God is sovereignly stirring Christians in Leeds to organically come together to pray for the city. Together we will cover Leeds in prayer 24hrs a day 7 days a week. P4L exists to facilitate and support this move of God. Periodically P4L organises city wide lunchtime prayer gatherings and 24 hour prayer events. The aim is to bring together the different streams and expressions to seek the face of God for our city as one.

Full information on their Facebook page.

Sunday 15 December,  10:00am

Nativity Service

Sunday 22 December,  10:00am

Sunday Worship

Sunday 22 December,  6:00pm

Carol Service

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