Pots of praise!

Monday 21 August, 5:07pm

Prayer points from the summer

These points for praise were brought to the front during the service on August 20th to give thanks and to worship Jesus, by members of our congregation. Maybe you want to use them in your own praise of Jesus this week if they apply to you!

Praise you Jesus for:
Reconciliation, water, houses, cars, family, beauty amongst things that look ugly, fulfilling work, beautiful children, a loving husband, the rare privilege of being alive, faithful followers of you, Jesus, health, your presence, for books that teach us more about you, peace, love, for the green pastures and still waters of holidays, lovely holidays, for healing from fibro myalgia, friends, for taking away our pain, for answered prayer on our holidays, for unconditional love and goodness, good days out, sanctuary, mother, sister, work, tenancy, students of SPE in Germany, for unending blessings!

Prayers of praise:
‘I love and worship you Lord Jesus for your sacrifice for me!’
‘Thank you Jesus dearest friend, for loving such a broken one as I.’
‘Pour la vi’e de ma famille.’
‘This is our pot of praise to you forever. Praise you for safety and spiritual growth. You are the Lord of our lives, we love you!’
‘I praise you Lord, for your love shown in many ways!’

Praise you Jesus that you never give up on us, that you are working in my life and that you are always with me no matter what!

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