Greenbelt 2018

Friday 24 August, 4:00pm

Some of the folk at HLBC will be heading off for their annual trip to Greenbelt Festival, at Boughton House in Northamptonshire. It runs from Friday through the Bank Holiday, and we camp in a little group together. There will be a party travelling down together so let us know if you want to meet up!

Greenbelt 2018: Acts of the Imagination – 24 to 27 August

It’s a long weekend packed full of music, talks and discussion panels, performing arts, workshops and many other exciting things! It’s a chance to recharge your faith, revitalise your mind and engage with Christian, justice and arts issues in the world.

All the essential information can be found at the Greenbelt website.

Talk to a leader if you want to know more about the weekend, how it feels, what’s to experience or need camping advice.

Sunday 28 April,  10:00am

Sunday Worship

Saturday 4 May,  8:30am

Men's Prayer Breakfast

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